Types of Sponsorships

Private sponsorships are designated into the four following categories, and are subject to availability.

1. Standard Sponsorship (£55 a month): According to a study carried out by Al-Ayn (Iraq), this figure is considered the minimum amount required to lift a child out of poverty in Iraq.    

2. Special Medical Needs Sponsorship (£70 a month): Orphans with disabilities or chronic illnesses are eligible for this type of sponsorship, and receive a higher amount to further cover the additional support and specialist care required.                           

3. Victims of Terrorism Sponsorship (£70 a month): Orphans who have lost their fathers due to terrorism are eligible for this type of sponsorship, and may require more intensive psychological rehabilitation to support them.

4. Academically Talented Sponsorship (£80 a month): This is the highest level of sponsorship, and aims to incentivise orphans to excel in school, with the hope that they may achieve their full potential despite their difficult circumstances. 

Please note that after converting to local currency, any excess is given as a gift to the orphans