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Following our successful Writing Your Will Event, we are pleased to announce that we are now distributing copies of our information guide (subject to availability).

Request a copy below to find out more about the importance of writing a will, Islamically and legally. The guide also highlights the issues you need to consider when meeting with a solicitor to write your will, to ensure that your inheritance is distributed in line with Islamic requirements, and that the guardianship of your children after you is in line with your wishes.

When writing your will, do also consider leaving a gift for the orphans registered with Al-Ayn! This will help provide them with financial, medical and educational support, in addition to establishing Sadaqa Jariya projects that will bring continual services to the orphans.

Islamically, you have the discretion in distributing up to one third of your inheritance. It is recommended to leave part of your "one third" to charitable causes, to gain reward in the hereafter. Gift left to eligible UK charities are also exempt from inheritance tax and could potentially reduce your inheritance tax liability.

It is narrated from Imam Al-Baqer (as), that Allah SWT says “Oh son of Adam, I have granted you three things: I have made discreet for you that which if your family knew about they would not have buried you; I gave you in abundance, and I asked you for a loan (charity), and you did not give charitably; I gave you permission at your death for your one third, and you did not give charitably”(Al-Saduq’s Khisal: p136)

Note that Al-Ayn is authorised by Al-Sayyed Ali Al-Sistani to receive gifts left in wills from the "one third".

Please select the number of "Writing your Will" guides you would like to request. You could either pick the guide up for free from our office in Colindale, or pay for packaging and postage to any UK address. For requests of more than 3 booklets, kindly contact us on office@alayn.co.uk
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