Imam Al-Jawad (as) Residential Complex

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Imam Al-Jawad (as) Residential Complex


What is Sadaqa Jariya?

Sadaqa Jariya or “Continual Charity” is a concept in Islamic thought that refers to charity that continues to benefit a person even after their death. Imam Al-Sadeq (as) is narrated to have said: "Only three things follow a man after his deathsadaqa that he has contributed in his life and which continues after his death (sadaqa jariya); a good tradition that he started which is acted upon after his death; or a virtuous descendant who prays for him." (Al-Kafi 7:56-57)


Al-Ayn (Iraq) therefore has various Sadaqa Jariya projects, aiming at providing services to orphans for generations to come, hence enabling donors to reap the great rewards of Sadaqa Jariya.


Aim of the Project

The Imam Al-Jawad (as) Residential Complex aims to provide homes for deprived families of orphans who do not own a place to live. The project consists of twenty eight housing units, built on land donated by two generous individuals.


Project Specifications

  • The project is located in Sab’e-Qusoor (Kasra-wa-Atash), Baghdad, within close proximity of the main road.
  • The project consists of 28 housing units, sized 95 square metres. Each unit consists of two bedrooms, one reception, a kitchen, and a bathroom and WC. The unit also contains a spacious balcony, and a parking space.
  • Each unit is expected to house families of 4-6 members.
  • The complex will include infrastructure, such as running water, sewage and electricity.
  • The total size of the complex is 3,838 square metres, including inner roads and green areas.
  • The complex is self-enclosed for security purposes, and each housing unit has a separate entrance to ensure privacy.


Contributing to the Project

  • You can contribute to the project by donating “shares”.
  • Cost of each share: £20
  • Total number of shares: 52,000 shares
  • To donate online:
  • Bank Transfer:
    • Account Name: Al-An Social Care Foundation
    • Sort Code: 20-35-93
    • Account No: 20315753
    • Reference: AYN BUI
  • Any excess amounts will be used to fund future Sadaqa Jariya Projects


For more information: E: – T: 02037195221

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