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Project Description

For a brighter today, tomorrow and always

Make your mark on the lives of orphaned children for years to come. With over 19 continual charity service based projects across Iraq, the everlasting impact of such projects can be witnessed as they begin and continue to serve orphaned children in numerous ways.

Contributing towards the construction of such unique projects is particularly rewarding and special. Sadaqa Jariya or Continual Charity is a concept in Islamic thought that refers to charity that continues to benefit a person even after their death.

This is your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in your name or on behalf of a loved or lost one. Once the costs are covered for a particular project, the opportunity to contribute closes. Please refer to each project below to find out more about available contribution channels.


Hikayati – Centre for Personal Development, Education and Recreation

Our vision is that every orphaned child is given the necessary tools to realise their potential. The Hikayati (My Story) centre will enable us to do that by providing children with programmes to enhance their well-being and life opportunities through a combination of education, play, keyworking, coaching, therapy and spiritual guidance.

Every child’s journey through Hikayati will be personalised to their needs. Everyone will receive one-to-one keywork, a series of specially designed workshops and a programme of long-term mentoring and support ensuring that they do not only survive, but thrive, ready to face the chalenges of the future and to become the next generation of parents, workers and leaders in the communities they live in.

Location: Najaf, Al-Adala neighbourhood

Size: 1,350 square metres over 6 floors

The centre will include counselling rooms, an art therapy workshop, library, theatre, swimming pool, roof garden and more.

Construction is well under way! Help build this centre today.

Luminous Stars – Vocational Training and Psychological Rehabilitation Centres

At Al-Ayn, we strongly believe that mental health matters. That is why psychological rehabilitation has been part of the services provided to children for years. Though over 1000 cases have already received treatment, many more children are awaiting critical interventions to address their various mental health needs.

The Psychological Rehabilitation clinics at 6 Luminous Stars Centres in Baghdad, Basra, Dewaniyeh and 3 other provinces across Iraq will improve access to vital care for orphaned children wherever they may live.

Orphaned children served through Al-Ayn are also encouraged in different ways so that they excel in their education. However, many children do not continue onto university or college education. Therefore, their career prospects are often limited, and their cycle of poverty continues.

The Luminous Stars Centres are also designed to meet the needs of children who are gifted outside of formal academic education. Vocational training workshops will allow all children to progress with clearly defined and attainable career plans.

Housing Complexes

Al-Ayn (Iraq) has built various housing complexes. However, with the major housing crisis, many families await decent accommodation. Below are examples of completed projects as well as opportunities to contribute towards gifting children a safe and secure home.

Other Projects

Al-Ayn (Iraq) also operates sustainable income projects like hotels, shopping complexes and storage facilities that contribute significantly towards other Al-Ayn projects. Generous individuals continue to gift pieces of land or buildings and these are also registered as a ‘WAQF’ officially for the benefit of orphaned children.

“He who sponsors an orphaned child, and takes care of his sustenance, then he and I will be like these two in Paradise.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)