How do I return my Sadaqa Box?


Please return your Sadaqa Boxes to one of our offices or to one of our authorised representatives carrying an official ID card. You can also call us on: 0203 719 5221 or click here to arrange a collection in person or by post.

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How does group sponsorship work?


You can come together as a group to sponsor an orphaned child. For example as a student society, football team, study circle, or just as a group of friends. Please appoint a representative amongst yourselves to correspond with us, and then they would need to fill in a sponsorship form as above. The representative would be responsible for either collecting the amount needed for annual sponsorship (£660) and passing it on to us, or collecting the monthly amount (£55) on a monthly basis. You will receive details of the orphaned child sponsored once the first payment is received. Please contact us [...]

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 Can I contact the child directly or meet them?


Direct contact is not permitted. However, Al-Ayn can facilitate a visit between the sponsor and the child at the child's local Al-Ayn office, subject to the approval of the orphaned child and their guardian.

 Can I contact the child directly or meet them?2018-11-04T23:51:38+01:00

Will I receive details of the child I am sponsoring?


Yes, we will send you information about the orphaned child you are sponsoring, once we receive the first monthly payment. In order to maintain the orphaned child’s privacy, we cannot send any further photos.

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What does the sponsorship amount cover?


The monthly sponsorship amount is spent by the guardian to cover the costs of the child’s food, clothing, medication, extra tuition classes and any other items a child may require. This is monitored regularly by a dedicated follow-up teams that ensure the money is being spent on the child.

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