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How does group sponsorship work?


You can come together as a group to sponsor an orphaned child. For example as a student society, football team, study circle, or just as a group of friends. Please appoint a representative amongst yourselves to correspond with us, and then they would need to fill in a sponsorship form as above. The representative would be responsible for either collecting the amount needed for annual sponsorship (£660) and passing it on to us, or collecting the monthly amount (£55) on a monthly basis. You will receive details of the orphaned child sponsored once the first payment is received. Please contact us [...]

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 Can I contact the child directly or meet them?


Direct contact is not permitted. However, Al-Ayn can facilitate a visit between the sponsor and the child at the child's local Al-Ayn office, subject to the approval of the orphaned child and their guardian.

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What are the types of Sponsorship?


  Private sponsorships are designated into the four following categories, and are subject to availability. Standard Sponsorship (£55 a month): According to a study carried out by Al-Ayn (Iraq), this figure is considered the minimum amount required to lift a child out of poverty in Iraq. Special Medical Needs Sponsorship (£70 a month): Orphaned children with disabilities or chronic illnesses are eligible for this type of sponsorship, and receive a higher amount to further cover the additional support and specialist care required. Victims of Terrorism Sponsorship (£70 a month): Orphaned children who have lost their fathers due to terrorism are eligible [...]

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How is the Sponsorship Aid distributed?


Mothers (or the guardians) of the orphaned children visit their local Al-Ayn (Iraq) branch on a monthly basis in order to collect their financial aid. Collection points are designed to mimic a bank which allows the payments to be received in a professional manner where privacy is respected. Children are encouraged to play in the play area or pick a toy from the Al-Ayn Toy Shop during this process. This is especially important to Al-Ayn, as it allows checks to be made on the child, and the mother is able to communicate any issues or requests she may have. In addition [...]

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