General Donations

The main work of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is to sponsor and care for orphans. All general donations made are spent entirely on the orphans, as part of the monthly allowances given to them.

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Khoms (Religious Dues)

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation has a direct ijaza (written permission) from Ayatollah Al-Sayed Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Sistani (ha) to receive religious dues (khoms) to spend on the orphans. The permission includes both parts of khoms (Sahm Al-Imam and Sahm Al-Sada), and the exact amount of your khoms donation will go to the orphans.

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All sadaqa donations received by Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation as spent entirely on the orphans, as part of the monthly allowances given to them.

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Displaced Families

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is working on the ground to provide financial assistance, and to purchase essential needs, in order to help provide for families displaced from the areas of conflict in Iraq.

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Fidya & Kaffara

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation is authorised to receive amounts for fidya and kaffara. The funds will be used to feed orphans and their families, as per fiqhi requirements.

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Toys Campaign

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation welcomes toys and stationery and school bags to send to the orphans in Iraq.

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Educational Support

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation aims to support orphans in excelling academically. Donations made under this appeal will be used to support the orphans' education, through the following means:

  • Purchasing school kits for orphans, including bags, stationary, school uniform etc.
  • Covering the costs of organising ceremonies to celebrate the academic achievement of orphans, encouraging them to sustain their efforts.
  • Covering the costs of organising revision courses for orphans.

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Medical Support

Providing medical care for orphans is one of the priorities of Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation. The Foundation thus arranges regular medical and dental check-ups. In the cases where the orphan is in need for treatment, the Foundation ensures that the orphan receives the treatment, and continues to follow up on the health of the orphan.

Donations received in this appeal will go towards covering the costs of medical care, dental care and surgical operations for orphans, in addition to providing psychological counselling.

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Supporting the Foundation

Funds collected in this scheme go towards supporting the Foundation’s work, such as manufacturing sadaqa boxes, printing publications,and purchasing necessary office items.

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