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Bank Transfer

  1. When making a donation via bank transfer, please use the relevant code for each cause (please find them below) as your reference.
  2. For a receipt, please email: [email protected] or call 02037195221.
  3. We will then email you your receipt.

Bank Details

Account Name: Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation

Account No: 20315753

Sort Code: 20-35-93

Bank Name: Barclays

IBAN: GB09 BARC 2035 9320 3157 53

Swift Code: BARCGB22

Bank Address: Barclays, Hammersmith Branch, 75 King Street, Hammersmith, London, W6 9HY, UK

USD Account IBAN: GB26 BARC 2035 9359 5714 44

EUR Account IBAN: GB85 BARC 2035 9356 3084 66

Donation Codes

Orphaned Child Care Services:

General Donations for Orphaned Children: AYN-GEN

Educational Support: AYN-EDU

Medical Care: AYN-MED

Psychological Rehabilitation Support: AYN-REH

Vocational Training Programmes: AYN-TRA

Leisure Trips: AYN-TRI

Housing Support (General): AYN-HOU

House Refurbishment: AYN-REF

Orphaned Children with Special Medical Needs: AYN-SPE

Families of Victims of Terrorism: AYN-VIC

Continual Charity – General: AYN – CON

Building Vocational Training Centres: AYN – VOC

Building Psychological Rehabilitation Centres: AYN – PSY

Building Houses Complexes: AYN – BUI

Hikayati Centre: AYN – STO

School Packs: AYN – SCH

Purchasing Toys: AYN – TOY

Shipment of Toys: AYN – SHI

Religious Dues:

Khoms (Both Parts): AYN – KHB

Khoms (Sahm Al-Imam): AYN – KHI

Khoms (Sahm Al-Sada): AYN – KHS

Zakat Al-Mal: AYN – ZAK M

Zakat Al-Fitra: AYN – ZAK F

Kaffara: AYN – KAF

Fidya: AYN – FID

Other Services:

Displaced Families: AYN-DIS

Widowed Women Support: AYN-WID

Ramadhan Parcels: AYN – RAM

Thibeeha: AYN – THI

Nither: AYN – NIT

Qurbani (Udhiyya): AYN – QUR

Aqeeqa: AYN – AQE

General Work of the Foundation: AYN – WOR

Governance Costs: AYN – GOV


Call: 0203 719 5221   Ι   Email: [email protected]