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Project Description

Sadaqa Made Simple

Though the benefits associated with all Sadaqa giving are endless, imagine the impact on the lives of orphaned children in poverty with every penny you gift?

If you are looking for a simple way to give Sadaqa, our ‘Sadaqa Made Simple’ platform brings all your Sadaqa needs to one place.

Visit: www.sadaqa.uk and with just a few clicks, you can make a one off e-sadaqa donation, set up regular e-giving or request an Al-Ayn home or business Charity Box and have it delivered to your door!

Why our Sadaqa Box is unique?

In light of his general guardianship over them, the Ijaza (permission) from Al-Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani states that money placed in an Al-Ayn Sadaqa Box is considered by him to have been received charity (sadaqa maqbootha) on behalf of the needy orphaned children. Hence, the rewards of Sadaqa are reaped immediately.

The stringent procedures in place have resulted in regularly renewed permission lasting over a decade. For instance, there is a general rule that every locked Sadaqa Box must only be opened at an Al-Ayn office in the presence of two competent and trained members of the team and a receipt issued to the box holder.

Where the Sadaqa donations are spent

Every little means a lot with 100% of the money placed in Al-Ayn Sadaqa(Charity) Boxes distributed exclusively to orphaned children living below the poverty line as part of fixed monthly financial aid.

Returning Sadaqa Boxes

Once you receive the Sadaqa Box you requested, it should be returned to us within a four-month period and can only be opened by authorised Al-Ayn representatives who carry official ID cards.

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