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Project Description

Give a Child a Chance

A chance to grow, a chance to discover, a chance to believe in the limitless possibilities their future can hold.

They may be living in poverty after having lost their father, but we must not allow them to also lose hope for a better tomorrow. Sponsoring a child in Iraq through our Private Sponsorship Scheme is a precious opportunity.

By simply gifting £1.84 a day, you are providing crucial financial aid; just enough to lift a child above the poverty line in Iraq. Enabling the child and their family to live in dignity by covering the child’s essential basic needs and letting the Foundation to provide the numerous other services.

Whether you wish to sponsor a child on behalf of a loved or lost one, or because you are feeling blessed and believe like us in sharing your blessings, choose to shine a light on an orphaned child’s life, starting with just a few simple steps.

Begin your sponsors journey today…so that we can rest in the knowledge that one more child no longer lives in poverty.



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What your standard orphaned child sponsorship covers

The fundamental rule at Al-Ayn is that the total sponsorship financial aid package is spent exclusively on the orphaned child. This means that each month, any expenses directly associated with the child are covered by the private sponsorship amount. This may include expenses for food, clothing, stationary, travel etc.

All other expenses (where needed) including rent, utilities, psychological rehabilitation, medical care, educational support, personal development, vocational training and more are covered by the Foundation at the request of the family and alongside the sponsorship financial aid.

How the Scheme is implemented on the ground in Iraq

Once an eligible child is registered, alongside the financial aid, they are given access to a comprehensive care system made up of 14 services.

As a registered beneficiary, the Foundation has carried out thorough checks including full documentation relating to the child’s late father as well as means-testing to confirm the criteria for living below the poverty line have been met.

Where possible, the child will visit their local office with their mother or guardian on a monthly basis at an assigned date. During this visit, the financial aid is distributed in ‘bank like’ areas and any other needs the family may have are recorded. All in-kind aid (including furniture and white goods) is also distributed to eligible families. As the mother receives the aid, the child is given an opportunity to play with other children in designated play areas.

Every month, the child is also invited to the ‘Toy Shop’ and can choose a toy of their liking to take home free of charge.

Alongside this, the child will continue to be visited at their home no less than twice yearly without notice. This allows one of Al-Ayn (Iraq)’s over 400 visiting officers to take note of any change in circumstance that may require further follow up. It also ensures that the up to date nature of the living arrangements can be ascertained.

What you will receive about the orphaned child you have sponsored

To maintain respect for the privacy of the child and their family, once a child is sponsored privately, the orphaned child profile is received by the sponsor. This will detail the name of the child, birthdate, the province the child resides in, the reason for the death of their father, the size of the family and more.

The sponsor will also be notified by the Foundation of any material changes to the circumstances of the child.

Ready to begin your sponsors journey?


“He who sponsors an orphaned child, and takes care of his sustenance, then he and I will be like these two in Paradise.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)