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Together with meeting all their essential needs, we believe that giving each child a sense of a regular childhood is invaluable. Toys give children an opportunity to play, to imagine and most importantly, a toy can be the reason a child begins to smile again.

Often, orphaned children face dire living conditions and their families’ limited income means that sometimes, a child will enter their first ‘Toy Shop’ at their local Al-Ayn office.

During the monthly visit (where the guardian receives aid on behalf of the child), the child is invited into the ‘Toy Shop’ and asked to pick a toy of their choice for free.

For over 5 years, Al-Ayn (UK) has been collecting new and gently used toys and sending them to Iraq to maintain the stocks of the “Toy Shops”. Some donors also choose to donate towards the purchasing of new toys and others contribute towards shipment costs.

Alongside toys, Al-Ayn (Iraq) operates “Clothes Shops” where orphaned children are given the opportunity to select an outfit of their liking, which they can then try on in designated fitting rooms. Only brand-new outfits are accepted and displayed in the shop. Ensuring that each child is clothed with consideration for their individual needs and preferences.

We welcome new and used toys in excellent condition. To find out more or request a collection, please email: [email protected]

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“He who sponsors an orphaned child, and takes care of his sustenance, then he and I will be like these two in Paradise.”

Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)