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Educational Support

Give orphaned children the education they deserve

A right to an equal playing field. What does this mean for children after loss?

Did You Know?

Did you know? Many children we met across Iraq were suffering most with their lack of access to comprehensive education! Sadly, local schools were not providing the necessary support. Class sizes were sometimes 60 students and the nearest school could be miles away. Travel costs were so expensive, mothers often borrowed in order to cover these expenses.

Lack Of Access

Many children across Iraq are suffering with their lack of access to education! Sadly, local schools are often not equipped to providing the necessary support. Class sizes of children our teams met were sometimes 60 students and for others, the nearest school could be miles away. Travel costs were so expensive, mothers often borrowed in order to cover travel expenses alone.

To exasperate the crisis even further, once at school, the school day was often cut short due to the same building being used for another set of classes. One child described that her wish was it would one day reach her turn to be chosen to read in class. She explained the size of the class was so large there was never enough time to cover everyone.

For mothers, the only solution to ensure children do not fall behind is to seek extra tuition. Yet another extortionate expense. These challenges are where people like you step in.

A Child Without Education Is Like A Bird Without Wings

Covid Pandemic

Through Al-Ayn, orphaned children are given the opportunity to achieve their potential. They are encouraged to stay in school and supported to do so. Every child of school age is given free school uniforms, school bags, and stationary. Children who are struggling in particular subjects are offered free tuition via volunteer teachers and others who are doing well are encouraged to maintain their progress through financial incentives.

During the pandemic, education suffered even further with the technology gap being one of many new challenges. That is why we need your support more than ever. If you believe like we do in the importance of a level playing field for all children, in spite of their loss and poverty, do help us continue to provide these services today.

Educational Support

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