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World Orphan Day

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Over a million orphaned children in Iraq are still suffering from the impact of war

Over a million orphaned children in Iraq are still suffering from the impact of war

Fighting the Impact of War

Over a million orphaned children in Iraq are still suffering from the impact of war. We don’t hear much about their country in the news any more. But years of violence, political instability and poverty have cost them more than any child should have to bear.

We are Al-Ayn. We are on the ground in Iraq, currently supporting over 63,000 orphaned children across the country. Since 2003, 114,786 orphaned children have gained security, stability and long-term well-being through Al-Ayn Child Sponsorship. 52,194 of these children have completed their sponsorship programme, over the past decade. Today, 2,965 orphaned children are still on our sponsorship waiting list, hoping for support. Can you afford to help?

100% of your donations and sponsorship payments reach our orphaned children. We don’t deduct admin fees.

Inspire Hope

Dignity. Recovery. Hope

It doesn’t cost much to save an orphaned child from crisis. At Al-Ayn we begin with dignity.

The Al-Ayn Child Sponsorship is just £55 a month. This goes a long way in Iraq. It allows us to show orphaned children that they are valued and cared for. It allows us to engender recovery from trauma and mental health issues. It inspires hope.

Your support provides an orphaned child with urgent financial aid (in the form of regular monthly allowances), which is spent by their guardian on the essential needs of the child. Our comprehensive care system then gives the child access to medical care, mental health support, tuition, housing support and more.

Your Zakat or Khoms can save an Orphaned Child

A history of conflict and political instability has cost generations of children in Iraq the chance at a normal life. They live with poverty, trauma and violence, which has been perpetuated across families in crisis. Please help us stop the cycle this generation. Please help us give one orphaned child hope today.

Find out how you can, with your Zakat or Khums

“Those who spend their wealth [in God’s way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly – they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.”

(Quran 2:274)

Meet Zainal-Abideen

This is Zain. We met him and his family on the outskirts of a remote village in Iraq. He lived on farmland but most of the crops and many of the cattle were no longer there. There was no maintained infrastructure, due to consecutive wars, violence, and political instability.

The structures throughout the journey seemingly built with mud and not much else, were what many were calling home. We were expecting to find Zain in similar conditions. However, on the other side of a little fence was a home that was newly-built. It had several bedrooms, electricity, furniture and, most importantly, warm smiles.

World Orphan Day

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