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And whoever honours the signs of God, it is certainly out of the piety of the hearts. (22:32)

We are in our favourite month of the year! Below is a sneak peak of our month of Ramadhan campaign video and details about how you can get involved.

This Month Of Ramadhan

The holy month of Ramadhan is known to be the month of mercy and giving; and inspired by the divine rewards, we will be sharing with you how you can make an impact that lasts and grows. Last year, despite the distance, you continued to support those in need. This Ramadhan, we will be shining a light on the hidden wounds. Wherever you may be, you can help plant the seeds of hope.

Ways To Fundraise

As always, we are excited to hear from you about how you will choose to support the Ramadhan Fund this year so that together we can rebuild lives.

In past years, you have fundraised in unique, fun and always thoughtful ways. Faced with new challenges and opportunities this year, we look forward to hearing from you about how you will remotely support those who are facing darkness.

Do get in touch if you would like any information or to find out what we can offer to support you.

Mental Health – An interview with Prof. Mohammed Al-Uzri

“For those living in an environment of constant fear, conflict, perpetual wars, and violence, these factors’ effect on mental health is immeasurable”. Prof Mohammed Al-Uzri