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Luminous Stars Centres

For the last 15 years, through people like you, Al-Ayn has built a
grassroots community that today serves and empowers over
60,000 orphaned children and their families

Today, 3 centres are open and serving thousands of orphaned children!

Dignified and Comprehensive

Decades of war and instability have left communities devastated in Iraq. With the current crisis being yet another reminder of all that has been lost. For orphaned children in poverty, it is the hidden suffering that is often forgotten.

At Al-Ayn, we believe in dignified and comprehensive care for children and their widowed mothers. That means, alongside consistent monthly financial aid to lift over 60,000 orphaned children out of poverty, each child has access to safe shelter, food support, medical aid and more. During the past 15 years, the grassroots support across the globe has allowed Al-Ayn to reach many families in need. However, more services were needed to help rebuild shattered lives.

The support of people like you enabled Al-Ayn to build a pilot centre to address the urgent crisis aid workers were witnessing every day during visits to families. Through the first Luminous Stars Centre in Baghdad, over 1,700 mental health cases were registered. Intervention began to be provided to both the children and their widowed mothers through specialists in Iraq and internationally. We are most grateful for the generosity of people like you who believed in orphaned children and saved lives in crisis. Alongside mental health services, the centre including vocational training workshops that provided skills needed for orphaned youth and widowed mothers to become independent.

Although the pandemic has slowed down such services, many have already graduated, found employment and opened their own businesses, employing others!


Al-Ayn operates on a 0% admin fees basis

Serving Thousands

After the success of the first Luminous Stars Centre for Vocational Training and Mental Health Support, Al-Ayn began to build similar centres in locations across Iraq. Since then, the costs were covered for two more centres and construction of the Luminous Stars Centres in Dewaniya and Najaf have been completed. Today, 3 centres are open and serving thousands!

“For those living in an environment of constant fear, conflict, perpetual wars, and violence, these factors’ effect on mental health is immeasurable. As human beings, we are resilient and can deal with a lot of adversity. We manage, evolve, and cope with so much trauma. Yet, experience and research indicate that trauma that happens earlier in life can have serious consequences, carried into the future for years. In the immediate period after a traumatic event, it is possible to recognise signs of mental health disturbances which can continue to develop later in life if left untreated. Even if there are no immediate signs of mental health issues following a trauma, this doesn’t mean that it will not manifest later in life. Early damaging experiences can affect a person, particularly children, personality, development, and how they view the world around them. It is not easy to measure and assess this, but it can have severe consequences at the individuals, family, and society level.”

Prof Mohammed Al-Uzri
Consultant Psychiatrist

This Month of Ramadhan

This month of Ramadhan, join us and help build 12 more Luminous Stars Centres for Vocational Training and Mental Health Services in other provinces so that we can reach all those in need.

Inspired by the divine promise, your acts of generosity this month are ‘like a seed’ (Quran 2:261) that grows and multiplies. When you give Sadaqa Jariya, you are saving lives for years to come. You are helping orphaned children and youth emerge out of the darkness that they find themselves in.

Donate this Ramadhan and help better the lives of orphaned children, youth and widowed mothers.

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Donate £450 per square metre*

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