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Sadaqa Jariya

Continuous charity through one simple
act of kindness

With over 33 Sadaqa Jariya projects across Iraq, the opportunities are endless

What is Sadaqa Jariya?

“Sadaqa Jariya” literally translates as “flowing/ongoing charity” from Arabic. It is one of the most powerful ways of giving in Islam since the benefits of this type of charity are reaped not just by the recipient, but also by the giver. At Al-Ayn, we use it to create long-lasting change in the lives of orphaned children in Iraq.
We start here and now—the first step is to provide children with the psychological rehabilitation they so desperately need in the aftermath of war.
Then, we focus on their future.

Through creating a safe space for learning, we enable children to gain valuable life skills that can open doors to employment in the future and a greater quality of life, in general. The benefits of giving Sadaqa Jariya are profound: not just multiple rewards for one single act of charity, but rewards that extend to our time in the Hereafter.

“Only three things follow a man after his death; Sadaqa that he has contributed in his life and which continues after his death (Sadaqa Jariya); a good tradition that he started which is acted upon after his death; or a virtuous descendant who prays for him.” – Imam Al-Sadiq (as)

Multiply your blessings either through a general Sadaqa Jariya contribution or towards a specific, eligible project.

Sponsor A Luminous Stars Centre

For the last 15 years, Al-Ayn has built a grassroots community that serves and empowers orphaned children and their families. The Luminous Stars centres provide orphaned children with a second chance at life. Each centre aims to rebuild the lives of orphaned children and youth by providing access to psychological rehabilitation and vocational training workshops to allow for orphaned youth to transition into adulthood.

Vocational Training and Psychological Rehabilitation

At Al-Ayn, we strongly believe that mental health matters. That is why psychological rehabilitation has been at the forefront of our mission for years. Though over 1700 cases have already been registered, many more children are awaiting critical interventions to address their various mental health needs.

The Psychological Rehabilitation clinics at 12 Luminous Stars Centres in Baghdad, Basra, Diwaniya, Muthanna, Najaf, Karbala, Al-Hilla, Diyala and Wasit, not only improve access to vital care for orphaned children wherever they may live but also deliver essential vocational training workshops to children who are gifted outside of a formal academic education, so they can find their true career path.



Centre for Personal Development, Education and Recreation.

Our vision is that every orphaned child deserves a fair start in life. Through Hikayati, we can give children the necessary tools to realise their potential.
The Hikayati (My Story) centre will enable us to provide children with personalised programmes that enhance their wellbeing and create life opportunities through a combination of education, play, coaching, therapy, and spiritual guidance.

Location: Najaf, Al-Adala Neighbourhood
Size: 1,350 square metres over 8 floors

The centre will include a library, theatre, swimming pool, counselling rooms, an art therapy workshop, a roof garden and more.
The costs of this centre have been covered and it is in its final stages of construction. Watch this space for updates!

Did you know you can give Sadaqa Jariya on behalf of a deceased loved one? The blessings of this type of charity continue in the Hereafter.

The Impact of Your Sadaqa Jariya

Al-Ayn (Iraq) has built various housing complexes across Iraq.

However, with the major housing crisis, many families await decent accommodation. Below are examples of completed projects.
– A Residential Complex in Al-Maamil District in Baghdad. It consists of 8 residential units.
– A Residential Complex in Baghdad, which consists of 28 residential units currently housing families in need.
– A Residential Complex, located in the holy city of Najaf, consists of 66 residential units and has also recently been handed to eligible families living in dire housing conditions.

With many families awaiting a place to call home, the need continues. This is why further housing complexes are being built across Iraq on donated land. These donations are either left for the benefit of the children in the wills of supporters of Al-Ayn or donated by generous individuals during their lifetime in their names or on behalf of loved ones.