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This Ramadhan – Shine A Light

“The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah’s way is like a seed which grows seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase manifold to whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.” – Qur’an (2:261)

Rebuild Lives This Ramadhan

Decades of war, conflict and instability have led to 1 in 5 people in Iraq living in poverty, with the worst impact often witnessed by orphaned children. The emotional and mental trauma these children are facing, coupled with their dire financial circumstances and lack of access to basic services could have a lasting detrimental impact on their lives and their future is at stake.

Inspired by the divine promise, your acts of generosity this month are ‘like a seed’ – 2:261 that grows and multiplies. When you give Sadaqa Jariya, you are saving lives for years to come. You are helping orphaned children emerge out of the darkness that they find themselves in.

Leave Sadaqa Jariya

Al-Ayn has 33 completed Sadaqa Jariya projects as well as many more under construction including housing complexes and medical centres. Through your donations, some of the projects are already transforming lives of orphaned children. Part of Al-Ayn (Iraq)’s multi-layered approach includes considering the complex and unique needs of children at all stages of their life.

Projects like the Luminous Stars Centre which provides 15,034 orphan children in Baghdad access to services including mental health support and vocational training. It is a centre that gifts orphaned youth with a real chance at independence. Students are trained in skills like mobile repairs, catering, IT, sewing, hair dressing and more. Already, many have graduated and found employment. There are 12 Luminous Stars Centres across Iraq. Providing mental health services and vocational training to orphaned children and youth. 3 Centres are already serving orphaned children. 9 more are under construction.

“Only 3 things follow a man after his passing; Sadaqa that he has contributed in his life and which continues after his death (Sadaqa Jariya); a good tradition that he started which is acted upon after his death; or a virtuous descendant who prays for him.” – Imam Al-Sadiq (as)

Give Khums This Ramadan

Khums describes a Muslim’s obligation at the beginning of a new khums accounting year to pay one fifth (20%) of their annual profit or surplus income. Khums plays an important part in the Islamic economic system, in preserving economic equilibrium, and supporting charitable causes.

Khums becomes obligatory at the beginning of your financial year on the profit or surplus of your income after deducting annual expenditure. You can calculate your khums via our khums calculator by clicking here.

You can also contact us with specific queries about calculating your khums or spreading the payments over the year, and we can arrange for a scholarly response.

Help change lives this Ramadan by donating your khums to Al-ayn.

Sponsor An Orphan Child This Ramadhan

Do something special this Ramadhan and sponsor an orphan child. We believe that when you give children the tools they need to achieve their potential, the possibilities are endless. The monthly financial support received by each eligible child is life changing.

With a minimum of £55 per month, the basic needs of the child can be looked after and they are brought above the poverty line. Orphaned children, just like any other children, deserve to be given a chance. A chance to grow, a chance to discover, a chance to believe in the limitless possibilities their future can hold.

Transparency At Al-Ayn

Al-Ayn operates on a 0% admin fees basis. That means every penny raised from your donations provides direct relief to orphaned children and their families suffering through loss and poverty.

For £35 we can provide a precious double glazed window to help keep the heat in.

For £100 we can provide a sturdy new door to improve insulation and security.

For £325 we could replace 5 m² of roofing, protecting them from droughts, rain.

Donate By Bank Transfer

Account Name: Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation

Account No: 20315753

Sort Code: 20-35-93

Reference: AYN SAD

To confirm the status of your bank transfer after making it, please visit

Donate By SMS*

Text STARS to 70520 to donate £20

* Texts cost £10 + network charge. Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Donor support: 0203 719 5221. England and Wales Registered Charity Number 1163706. Full T&C: