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Rebuilding Lives Together

19 May 2020

Ramadhan Appeal 2019

As we reflect on the past few years and how much we achieved together, we look forward to continuing to rebuild the lives of children, orphaned on a daily basis in Iraq. Many are barely surviving, living in dire circumstances below the poverty line. But with your support through their darkest times, possibilities are endless. Your support matters. It allows us to continue providing services to over 57,000 children every month It helps us reach more children who are in desperate need.

We believe you ought to see the impact of your support. This Ramadhan, through various events and our presence across cities, we will share their stories. We will also launch our Month of Ramadhan Fundraising Pack, bursting with opportunities to serve orphaned children in need during the blessed month. Stay tuned for more details in the upcoming days!

Everything we will be doing this month of blessings will go towards services and projects that will serve thousands of those in need. This will include raising vital funds to help us support more orphaned children with monthly allowances, health care, educational support and vocational training.

During the month of Ramadhan, we will be sharing with you details of our feature project in Karbala, Shajarat Tuba. This project will host a Luminous Stars centre, amongst other facilities that it will provide.

To find out more about this project, watch this space!