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Qurbani Lessons of Hope and Faith

06 July 2021

We are at the start of a new journey.  
As we enter Dhul Hijjah, the “month of the pilgrimage”, one of the most blessed times after Ramadhan, we look forward to further strengthening our faith Insha’Allah. 
This last month of Islamic calendar offers the promise of a fresh start: an opportunity to consider our spiritual goals and how we may better ourselves in the eyes of Allah (SWT). 
Participating in Hajj and offering an animal sacrifice to honour Prophet Ibrahim (AS) on Eid al-Adha are part of our faith, but even for the rest of us who don’t have the possibility to perform Hajj, here are some other amazing lessons we can take from the story of Ibrahim’s: 

Obedience to God 

When God told Ibrahim (AS) in a dream to sacrifice his son in His name, both father and son accepted this task with unwavering trust in God’s plan. In the end, Allah (SWT) stopped the sacrifice, and a beautiful ram was offered in the son’s place. 
Our Qurbani also symbolises our loyalty to Allah (swt). We’re taught to follow His command without faltering because He will always lead us towards happiness. 

Adopting a more patient approach 

Sometimes, we can’t see the forest for the trees. Especially when we become overwhelmed with not just our personal lives, but with events happening on a larger scale, such as the global pandemic.  
In these times, we’re reminded that we need to have patience and once again put all our trust in our Maker, as it is advised in the Quran: 

“And indeed we will try you with fear, hunger, damage to your wealth and lives and give glad tidings to the patient” (Al-Baqara: 155).  

Sometimes, the most patient are those who have been through several trials in their lives. The orphaned children we care for at Al-Ayn are some of the most hopeful children in the world, always willing to learn more and overcome the trauma of their past. And this is something we can all learn from. 

Teaching our children spiritual values 

Ibrahim (AS) is not only a symbol of faith, but also a great example of fatherhood. He raised Ismail (AS) to love Allah (swt) so much that Ismail didn’t even flinch when his father recounted the tragic dream to him. 
This month gives us an opportunity to reflect on our parenting style and understand how we can instil more love for Allah (swt) into our children’s hearts.  
Even more so, we can show love and empathy to those children who don’t have a parental figure in their lives—the orphaned childrens. In doing so, we not only please Allah (swt) but also follow the footsteps of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who adored orphaned children more than he did anyone else. 

You can donate a gift of clothes to a child this Eid al-Adha, so they can too celebrate this blessed festival and commemorate the story of Qurbani and faith in Allah (swt). 

Al-Ayn helps perform and distribute your Qurbani sacrifice to families of orphaned children living in poverty in need in Afghanistan and Iraq. Book your Qurbani today.