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Five ways to gift orphaned children this Ramadhan

28 March 2021

Our favourite month is here. The month of reflection and prayer, of cutting down on distractions, and focusing on our spirituality.

It is said in a well-known Hadith that: “(Ramadhan) is the month of patience; the reward of which is Paradise, and the month of sharing (of blessings with others). It is a month in which the sustenance of the believer is increased.” – Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)

In Ramadhan, our rewards are multiplied (2:261 – Holy Quran). Our sins, more easily forgiven. It is a month of worship, but also a month where we come together as a community. Last year’s Ramadhan was a unique one that stripped us off our mosque visits, communal worship, and iftar gatherings. Some were able to adjust – through Zoom iftars, virtual collective prayers, and more – because we all recognised the importance of preserving the community spirit. So as we prepare to face another Ramadhan where we creatively look to keep up the community spirit, what better time to reach out to orphaned children? They are the faction of the community that Allah (swt) has entrusted in our care, and reminded us (twenty two times in the Quran!) to never forget.

Here are five ways you can remember orphaned children this Ramadhan:

1. Shine A Light On Mental Health.

Give the gift of light to an orphaned child or widowed mother struggling in darkness.
The children of Iraq became acquainted with grief, war, and poverty at a very early age.
Heavy trauma leaves deep marks on every child’s psyche. At Al-Ayn, our comprehensive care means taking care of orphaned children’s mental health, to help them work through their difficult reality and move forward again in life.

Give Sadaqa Jariya towards our Luminous Star Centre Project that already provides 15,034 children and their widowed mothers in Baghdad withaccess to lifesaving mental health support and vocational training facilities. Together, we can build 12 more centres across Iraq, so many more lives can be bettered from the blessings of these centres.

2. Reap Immediate Rewards With Sadaqa Maqbootha (Received Sadaqa).

In his authority and general guardianship over orphaned children, Al-Sayyid Al-Sistani has considered the act of donating in our Sadaqa Boxes to be a transfer of ownership to him, on behalf of the orphaned children. This means your Sadaqa is automatically received, and the rewards associated with Sadaqa are immediate.
But more importantly, it means every penny you put into your Sadaqa Boxes will end up improving the life of an orphaned child through our comprehensive care programme, whether that means new school books, a repaired window at home, or mental health support to help them approach life more positively.

3. Sponsor A Child In The Month Of Allah (swt).

At the moment, 2,965 orphaned children are waiting for a sponsor with Al-Ayn. Can you give them the gift of a sponsorship this Ramadhan?

Sponsoring a child with us costs £55 a month. For a child, this means the world. They will not only receive vital care in the form of nutritious meals, new clothes, and medical aid, but also long-term psychological support and access to educational facilities for all ages, so they are better equipped to live a life with dignity and hope.
What a perfect way to show our love for Him in the month of Ramadhan:
“He who sponsors an orphan, and takes care of his sustenance, then he and I will be like these two in Paradise” – he then joined his middle and index fingers. Prophet Muhammed (saww)

4. Give Khums And Zakat.

Both Khums and Zakat have the immense power to change inequality in any society, balancing out the levels of poverty in the world. 
Be mindful—Khums is obligatory. Every Muslim has a duty to pay one fifth (20%) of their annual profit or surplus income towards a charitable cause.

Calculate Khums

Pay My Khums Today

Zakat is payable on different categories of wealth after it reaches a minimum threshold, called Nisab. Because there are different jurisprudential opinions on how Zakat is calculated, we encourage you to either speak to your local scholar or contact us today.

If you already know how much Zakat you owe, you can pay it directly here.

5. Feed An Orphaned Child With Fidya And Kaffara.

Over a million children in Iraq experience hunger due to years of violence, political instability, and poverty. Give them the gift of food.
The pangs of hunger during Ramadhan days teach us a greater lesson than just restraint. It’s an important reminder of how many people live all year round—with a rumbling stomach and barely one meal a day.
Remember that Al-Ayn is authorised to collect Fidya and Kaffara for orphaned children. So whether you have delayed an obligatory recompensation of the Ramadhan fast, or not fasted due to a valid reason, you can pay the £1 per day Fidya here.

If you have deliberately broken a fast without a valid reason, you can also pay the £60 per day . Kaffara here. (for feeding 60 poor people)

Find out more about our month of Ramadhan campaign.


Leave A Legacy

Over Ramadhan, we reflect on the Hereafter and are reminded that we will not be around forever. It’s a good time to think about the kind of legacy we want to leave. We have developed a free guide to help you make sure your inheritance is distributed in line with the Islamic requirements. Request your free booklet to find out how today.